insults and olive oil all on my right ankle

Posted in church, monday, phunni moments, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on March 18, 2008
ii spent my yesterday evening wrapped up in a whole heep of events that are permanently stamped on my right ankle. literally. ii went to dance practice and was actually there by 6:45. you should understand how absolutely estatic ii was to see three ppl already in the place. then the worst happened. me && mo decide to ride to the pantry. ii needed coffee and she needed food so, how convenient. on the way out of the parking lot this maniac decides to hit the gas and run over my right ankle. she laughed. seriously. laughed. well, ii laughed too but still. she wasn’t supposed to laugh. it didnt really hurt, it just shocked the hell outta me. we got our coffee, came back and then sat for two hours trying to find a song to dance too for easter. literally two hours. we danced for a cool ten minutes and then the santuary cleared out. but, those of us with no life decided to stay until after 9:30 laughing. there’s this one chick that i. just. dont. like. sorry. so, we are sitting here and she has these braids in her hair but for some reason she finds it necessary to carry around a hair brush. they called me rude but. ok, you decide.
me~ why do you have a brush??
her~ ii left it here yesterday
me~ soo…how was your hair yesterday??
her~ it was like this, ii just had it down
me~so you brush your braids??
everyone else~laughing hysterically
me~no seriously, i dont understand. you brush the braids??
her~no the back of it was down yesterday, i was brushing the back of it.
me~so, you brush the back and dont tie up the front??
me~oookkkk. wow.
crucial fact that ii did not know of::
church folk use olive oil. no really. olive oil. like, oil that comes from olives. seriously. why did ii not know that?? so, what makes it so holy?? the people that use it? ii dont understand that. but, olive oil tho. really??

farewell for now…

Posted in death, family, life && death, lost one, people I love by Tanae' A. on March 18, 2008
right now, my second family is in New Jersey bidding farewell to a beloved family member. someone’s brother, someone’s cousin, someone’s uncle, someone’s husband, someone’s father. Tons of hugs and kisses go out to Portia and Uncle William during this time, ii lovezz you guys bunches.
R.I.P Uncle Ronald, you will be missed.