spring is in the air…

Posted in life, love, summer 2008, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on March 13, 2008
finally, finally, finally spring is in the air and summer is on its way. this year got off to a lil rocky start bbut ii think that overall its going to be awesome.
im trying to do big thingsthis year and everything is slowly coming together. the summer is going to be great and before i know it fall will be here, ill be back in school and then christmas shoppin chaos will come up again.
i am patiently waiting for 09 to roll around [[someof you know why]] but in the meantime im bettering myself. im focused on me and i pray everyday that God would guide me along.
shit aint always breezy but ii feel the sun on my face, feel the breeze in the air and ii see the sales in my favorite stores so there cant be too much wrong lol.
summer is [[ell oh vee ee]] lets go to starbucks


Posted in men, phunni moments, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on March 13, 2008
so… ii got on the bus this morning tired and a bit aggravated because ii couldn’t find my black coat. ii think my shink took it with her last night but ii needed my wallet so that ii could get some starbucks before work…blah. anyways, ii was chillin in the back as always, on my phone minding my business. right before we hit the left off dundalk ave this old crub bag of a man decides to come sit next to me. ii wish ii coulda smacked him because he smelled like he just took a bath in colt 45. and yet again, there were only four people on the bus and he could’ve sat anywhere besides up in my box. after while he scooched over a bit and ii could finally breath a lil bit, until he started talked. “hey sweet thang, where you headed??” of course, ii ignore him but he doesnt get the hint. “you looking mighty fine this morning” since he didnt understand that ii was ignoring him ii quickly called my homegirl so he would get the message to leave me alone. but he didnt stop. after two minutes of me being on the phone he starts up again “a pretty young thang like you dont need to be on the bus by yourself, you need a good man like me to protect you.” ok, wtf is wrong with people today?? are you really serious?? so some other dude got on the bus and sat in front of me, he had to be no younger than 35 but he was very well put together. after about ten minutes of listening to this old sack of oatmeal holla at me he finally said something. “ay yo pops, how old are you man??” “old enough to be yo great grandaddy chump.” “alright then, leave this girl alone, cant you see she is ignoring you. damn, a sistah cant even get to work in peace.” “what you talking bout son, this here is my eye candy. my sweet brown sugar.” “you know what, you nasty. get up outta her face.” at this point, ii am relieved that someone got this man to move and ii was even more gracious to God that he sent a nice piece of speciman to do that for me lol. ii said thank you to the dude and a few minutes later he got off. and even after his stop came and went the old fart still did not come close to me, he did glance back with the four tooth smile every once in a while tho lol. the whole time, im thinking in the back of my mind… dag nabbit, why couldnt my knight in avirex jeans be ten years younger  lolzz.