im so over it…

Posted in im so over it, life, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on March 12, 2008
on saturday corey was sitting in my living room all day long. we laughed, talked, watched tv and played around like two lil elementary school kids. so, whats so wrong about it?? the entire time he was sitting there ii was wishing that it was my honey sitting in his seat. ii didnt say anything tho. ii enjoyed myself and went on like nothing was wrong altho part of me was aching for this long lost love. yesterday was spent running around the office, cleaning the house and doing some other necessary things and so ii wasnt really on my phone too much. im usually txting someone all day long but yesterday ii was on chills and corey had a damn fit about that. first off, you aint my man, we just friends so if ii dont want to talk to you for a day please catch yaself before you go off. ii explained to him yesterday that ii was busy and ii wasnt really into txting anyone most of the day. so this morning when ii txted him he wanted to try to call me out on some bull crap. tell me why this fool wanna tell me that im tripin because ii decided not to talk to him for a day. so after almost an hour of going back and forth with him ii was just like whatev, im not dealing with this mess. so he tells me to erase his number out my phone. ok, to those of you that dont know me, telling me to erase ya number out of my phone is like the last straw for me. im deleting ya numbers, ya email addresses, you off my friends list, im erasing ya voice messages, deleting ya pix and anything else that got anything to do with you. dont play. so ii eventually got to the point where ii was just so over it. you aint even cool peoples if you can trip on me over me not txting you for a day so you aint somebody that ii want in my life on any kind of level. ii laugh at it tho because its like everything that you ever said is now bullshit to me. like really, im real with everybody, before we even become friends ill tell you straight up what you bout to get yaself into but dont try to pull my card over one day that ii dont talk to you.  boy bye.
so, from now on this is how its gonna go… im on chills. the summer is almost here and ii am doing me. im focused on Tae’ and im trying to have fun and enjoy my life so anybody thats coming at me tryin to throw me off can go somewhere fareal. ii aint got time for no dudes that on some trip shit. omg, you would not believe, i met this dude a good month ago and he already talking bout he can see hisself marrying me… ok, you are CR@ZY!!! anyways… whatever, ii am focused on today and forever will take care of itself. there are so many things to be concerned about and somebody flipin over something stupid is not top priority. im so over it. really.