no longer afraid

Posted in death, life && death, lost one, people I love by Tanae' A. on March 11, 2008
if you would’ve asked me a few weeks ago, even a few days ago, what my greatest fear was ii would quickly tell you it was death. ask me today and you would find a different answer. ii guess somewhere along the line ii got used to it. of course, death is never an easy thing to deal with but when you learn to accept it it becomes easier to face. my bestie’s family lost someone close to them last night/this morning and when ii heard the news ii was a lil sad for them but ii knew that it would be okay. maybe the fact that we all knew it was going to happen made it a lil easier for everyone. even still, ii think about all the people that we have lost over the past six months and ii see a whole lot of growth in just my outlook alone. ii know that time will come when ii am forced to bid farewell to the people ii love and ii thank God so much for growing me up and allowing me to trust more in Him.
to all those we have lost in the past six months [[brielle, cornell, bishop, aunt anne and uncle ronald]] rest in peace. one love.
ii am no longer afraid of losing the people that ii hold dear. of course, ii want to put it off for as long as possible but ii am not scared of having to let some people go.