something to look forward to…

Posted in choir, friends, Meek, people I love, Shiloh, sleepy night nights, tired by Tanae' A. on March 7, 2008
This week was very…interesting. I was excited on Monday because I was actually able to go home after work and stay there. The rest of the week, however, wasn’t that simple. On Tuesday I ended up having to go handle some business with a friend and we didnt get back in til about 1:30 in the morning. I was a whole lot pissed when it was time to get up and I promised that I would go home and go to sleep on wednesday after work. I actually kept my word and slept for a good two hours. I was ready to be in the bed at ten but then another friend wanted to go on this emotional roller coaster and I didnt get to sleep til 3. I woke up yesterday morning happy that a lot of things got settled the night before but still pissed due to lack of sleep. Yesterday was another long day, I went to see my grandmother right after work. Me and Meek ended up going to the mall to see Nisha and the fam and after about an hour there we went down to see Kev*Out since I couldnt go to the funeral this morning. I was in the bed by 10:30 last night but when I didnt want to get up this morning. I dragged myself into work and was planning to go home and chill. But, what do you know, the good people at Shiloh insist on sending emails out on thursday night to tell us that we have choir rehearsal friday. Do I feel like going?? Not at all but I guess it doesnt hurt to be obedient every once in a while lol. I am going home as soon as we pray out to put on some comfy clothes, chill out and wash clothes. I will wake tomorrow morning excited and happy because I have one hell of a day to look forward to. My bae is coming to see me YaY!! We actually have a plan but I heard that it is supposed to rain tomorrow and that is not good at all. This is supposed to be a whole day together and in the evening we’re hooking up with Meek and her boo. Hopefully it does not rain and we can go thru with our plans but if it does we are def. gonna figure out something else to do. I am just excited because even after a long, tiring week I have something to look forward to.
Let me state for the record how much I absolutely lovezz my homegirl Meek. She is the most retarded person I know but this week has been extra fun because she is just so crazy.

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