Posted in people I love by Tanae' A. on March 4, 2008
for some reason I was just sitting here thinking about my NaNa. throughout life my NanaBoo has endured a whole lot but she’s still this strong beautiful lady. its crazy cause I never thought that I would appreciate a life as much as I appreciate hers. for as far back as I can remember my NaNa has taken some part in caring for me and my sisters and I know that I wouldnt be even half the person I am today but even aside from all that I appreciate her for a greater reason. out of every person inmy entire life, near far or in between, my grandmother is the ONLY person that has never hurt me in any kinda way. she has never done or said anything that scarred me intentionally or otherwise and I think thats the main reason why I hold her so close to my heart. she’s far from perfect, I know that but she’s perfect to me. its like she was straight God sent and sometimes I wanna just be this lil kid again and jump up in her lap lol… I heart my NanaBoo sooo much and I am thankful that she is mines.

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