Posted in people I love by Tanae' A. on March 4, 2008
for some reason I was just sitting here thinking about my NaNa. throughout life my NanaBoo has endured a whole lot but she’s still this strong beautiful lady. its crazy cause I never thought that I would appreciate a life as much as I appreciate hers. for as far back as I can remember my NaNa has taken some part in caring for me and my sisters and I know that I wouldnt be even half the person I am today but even aside from all that I appreciate her for a greater reason. out of every person inmy entire life, near far or in between, my grandmother is the ONLY person that has never hurt me in any kinda way. she has never done or said anything that scarred me intentionally or otherwise and I think thats the main reason why I hold her so close to my heart. she’s far from perfect, I know that but she’s perfect to me. its like she was straight God sent and sometimes I wanna just be this lil kid again and jump up in her lap lol… I heart my NanaBoo sooo much and I am thankful that she is mines.

a breath of fresh air

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It was December of 05 when me and my honey first got together. At the time, I was this lil bad girl doing everything that I shouldnt be doing and he was this sheltered good boy. We came from two different backgrounds and because of that I thought that he was somehow better than me. I felt as tho I didnt deserve him and for a long time I wouldn’t get with him because of that. Needless to say, over the past three years our roles have switched. Im the good girl now and he’s the bad boy. Now, I’m like what the hell was I thinking lolzz.
A lil while ago I met my bae. He came out of the blue and just completely swept me off my feet. For a split second tho, I thought who am I to deserve him. The thought only lasted a second and then I came back to earth and realized that I do deserve someone that good because I am that good. He’s a good guy, really. Not perfect, but good. Keeps God first in everything. Writes poetry that is out of this world and is just genuine and real. Sometimes I do think about what I did to deserve something this good but then I remember that I’m something good too. He’s my breath of fresh air and for once I have noo expectations… I just wanna inhale lol.

im ok…

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Yesterday morning, I woke up to a very sweet txt message. I got dressed, talked to my mommy and then headed out the door to go to court. From there I went to work and the first thing I did was get some white cheddar popcorn. I flipped on the radio and jammed to 95.9 all day long. Work was cool, I finished up on some stuff and then went out to lunch. The weather was so nice so I decided to take a walk over to Apple Tree. I came back, ate and then got back to work. Before I knew it 4:30 was here and I was ready to go. For once, I was happy that the bus came late because I wanted to stand outside and enjoy the nice weather. The ride home was quick, quiet and peaceful. I walked to 7-eleven for some chips and dip and then went in the house to eat. I sat up in my room talking to my bae all day long and then went to join my sister in front of the t.v. By the time 9:30 came around I was in such a good mood that I was just ready to hit the bed lolzz. Then I got a phone call from someone that I did not want to talk to so I ignored it. Then I got a message from that same person telling me to call them back. So of course I wanted to know what was so urgent to talk about and they went on to tell me that our “friendship” is not working. lol…oh you’re serious. Ok, even that did not piss me off and I was so proud of myself cause I just laughed it off. I called the person back after while and was told that they would call me today. I said goodnite to all the important people and went to sleep. The sun woke me up this morning. Woke me up a whole lot early but I felt refreshed so I wasn’t mad. I got up, took a shower, got dressed, checked my email and was out the door by 8:11. The bus came on time and again the weather was nice. I got to work ON TIME and in such a good mood and part of me wants this day to go soo slow because I am in no hurry to get to tomorrow lolzz. I’m ok. For once in my entire life I am truely okay with everything. I realized that the contentment that I feel is within myself and when I feel ok within me than everything around me will be ok too. So, to anyone out there that is going to try to piss me off today you might as well keep going because its not going to work. I am finally okay and it dont get no better than this. Thank You God!!