next time…READ

Posted in bills, debt, mommy, thoughts by Tanae' A. on March 3, 2008
about three months ago I received a court summons because I didnt pay this stupid stupid credit card bill. so me and mommy read over it and everything and new that I was scheduled to be in court this morning at 9am sharp. so this morning I gets dressed and gets ready to go. I got my story straight and im ready to make up all these excuses as to why I didnt pay the bill [[it was good too yall, real good]] so we get there go thru these metal detectors and look for my name. what do you know?? my name is not on the board so i have to stand in this line. then the really nice lady behind the glass tells me that I dont have to be there. Well, duh mommy. I chose to blame it all on her because she is the one that told me that I had to go. so we rode all the way to the courthouse for nothing but lucky for me I got a free ride to work out the deal. I just think that next time I get a court summons I should actually READ it rather than throwing it in a box until the night before the court date… what do you think??


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