my existence…

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on March 1, 2008

today was supposed to be a good day, one that i was looking forward to, but yet again it turned out to be jus like any other. yet again i am here all alone by myself wondering what the hell my life has come to. so how did my plans go down the drain?? glad u asked. well leyley was supposed to come around noon and we were gonna hang out a bit or something and then we were gonna head to mal’s house for some fun. well, i got a message at 9:45 this morning saying that we were no longer going to mal’s because of something dumb. i wasnt really too mad cause me and leyley coulda just went to the movies or something but twelve o clock rolls around and i get a message from this chick. she says she on her way an i tell her that we not going out no more so she decides that we should go out to eat and then get some drinks. okay, you already know that im not on that page right now so why should you even suggest that? i jus told her that we can go eat but i gotta get up and dance at church tomorrow so that was def out the question. well anyways…she tells me that shes not coming so im just like okay whatever. im so over it. then i get a phone call less than ten minutes ago reminding me that me and my besties is totally on two seperate pages. now i feel like the only person i got right now is mommy and my bae and that sucks fareal. i just cant wait til this day is over with and i can begin brand new great and wonderful way. i jus wonder some times…what is the purpose for my existence?? why am i here?


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