why is that gurl so excited??

Posted in Indi*poo, moving on, people I love, prayer, the [[OUTZZ]] of my life... by Tanae' A. on February 29, 2008
Hello everyone!! First of all let me say happy Friday… you all made it thru an entire week in one piece, good bad or indifferent…it is now over so you have a reason to smile. I have two and a half reasons to smile right now and the fact that it is Friday is only the half lolzz…
As most of you know… I have no life. My entire existence is wrapped around work, church and besties and other than that there is nothing else lol. Anyways, on saturday me Shay and LeyLey are going to Mal’s house for a lil get together and I am so excited. I am happy just to be able to chill and hang with new people and play cards all night long. Maybe no one knows how exciting it is to just be in a new environment but I am so super excited about it and thats one of my smiles. Second smile is cut in half so the first half is because I get to spend time with my LeyLey on Saturday and I haven’t seen my darling friend in a while. Second part is because I get to hang with my bae next week. We are going out next Saturday with some other peoples and I am so excited because both our schedules been crazy hectic and I aint had time to hang with him lately.
Prayer Request:: everyone please pray for my big sis Indi*Poo and lil BingBing. He is going to his first day of daycare on Monday and I am happy for him but all of me is so scared cause we wont be there. I hope he likes it and has fun, we’ll see how he does. Indi is going to moving soon and I am so excited but I am also a lil sad cause I am going to miss her and my nephew so much when they are no longer there. I guess I can go visit them and everything but ish wont be the same in the house. Just pray that everything works out okay.

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