its not in my hands…

Posted in G-D, good times by Tanae' A. on February 15, 2008
Yesterday started out as the best Valentine’s Day that I could ever have in this year and so I was very happy. I was on my way home but then I realized that I should stop and get the fam some stuff. So I went to high ass 7-eleven to see what they had. I got mommy one of those huge cards, Bing got a lil teddy bear and the sisters got chocolate roses. It all came up to eleven dollars too much but I actually felt good giving it to them so I was happy. Me and Shay decided to make some hot dogs and beans and we ate and fed the baby and in the process took a bunch of stupid pics [[those are on flickr by the way]] and got on each others nerves. Then it was time to myspace it up. OMG, this chick is so hilarious she had me tripin for so long on this computer screen trying to upload these dag on pics. We ended up fighting for the keyboard, she tried to claw my arm so I pushed her head into the monitor lol and then she went in for the kill. This heifer elbowed me in the stomach and I went down crackin up laughing and mad cause she had just won…lil buzzard. So then, we calls up LeyLey and Satin to talk to them for like an hour but we was just geeking the whole time on the phone… it wasnt even funny. By the time 10 o clock hit I was exhausted but I stayed up for another two and a half hours anyway. Around 11pm something happened that made me forget about all the fun I had just experienced and I was put in a funk. One phone call was like a total knockout [[two to the body, one to the head]] and I was thru. I called a friend crying cause I didnt know what to do and eventually I just gave up thinking about it and went to sleep. I woke up this morning with my mind made up. Whatever happens happens and i’m just putting it in Gods hands for Him to deal with it. If the worst happens I’ll be forced to carry the weight and help up the people that I love but I have to realize that in this world I am not alone. I have people that care and love me and are there to support me so even if everything ends up crumbling right before my eyes, I have the strength necessary to pick up the pieces and continue on doing what Im supposed to do. Yup, im good yall… damn good. lol

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