Happy V~Day!!

Posted in family, friends, good times, love by Tanae' A. on February 14, 2008
Wow!! It is really Valentine’s Day again this soon. So um, to all you people out there that are in those nice, healthy, long lasting relationships…I hope you enjoy your day with your significant others. To all those that are happily single I hope that you enjoy your day with yourself, friends or family. But to all you folks that are sulking and pouting all day because you dont have a significant other, you can do whatever you chose with your twenty-four hours.
I am actually enjoying my Valentine’s Day and here’s why. I truely forgot it was v~day and so I just put on this brown sweater that totally brings down the vibrant red that is floating all thru my office but… someone brought in heart shaped cupcakes, and someone else has been playing them good old love songs from back in the day, and all my lovies are sending me txts to let me know that I am loved.
The past few weeks have been rough but finally things are the way they are supposed to be. Things are back to normal and better than I could have ever imagined and I’m loving it. I could not ask for a better Valentine’s Day gift besides this. I dont need a dude to be all up on my bra strap in order for me to feel love cause I got it from my FRIENDS, my family and even those few people that are there just to make me smile. I gots so many txts at eight o clock this damn morning saying happy v~day that i felt like a P.I.M.P lolzz sike.
But dont forget that this day is meant for all relationships. Its the day to appreciate the people that you love and get chocolates from the people that love you. So enjoy it and make memories today. And if you’re still sulking and pouting about not having a significant other…well i think its time for you to go kick yourself lol





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