Happy V~Day!!

Posted in family, friends, good times, love by Tanae' A. on February 14, 2008
Wow!! It is really Valentine’s Day again this soon. So um, to all you people out there that are in those nice, healthy, long lasting relationships…I hope you enjoy your day with your significant others. To all those that are happily single I hope that you enjoy your day with yourself, friends or family. But to all you folks that are sulking and pouting all day because you dont have a significant other, you can do whatever you chose with your twenty-four hours.
I am actually enjoying my Valentine’s Day and here’s why. I truely forgot it was v~day and so I just put on this brown sweater that totally brings down the vibrant red that is floating all thru my office but… someone brought in heart shaped cupcakes, and someone else has been playing them good old love songs from back in the day, and all my lovies are sending me txts to let me know that I am loved.
The past few weeks have been rough but finally things are the way they are supposed to be. Things are back to normal and better than I could have ever imagined and I’m loving it. I could not ask for a better Valentine’s Day gift besides this. I dont need a dude to be all up on my bra strap in order for me to feel love cause I got it from my FRIENDS, my family and even those few people that are there just to make me smile. I gots so many txts at eight o clock this damn morning saying happy v~day that i felt like a P.I.M.P lolzz sike.
But dont forget that this day is meant for all relationships. Its the day to appreciate the people that you love and get chocolates from the people that love you. So enjoy it and make memories today. And if you’re still sulking and pouting about not having a significant other…well i think its time for you to go kick yourself lol




Sorry Obama… ii couldn’t vote for you

Posted in Barack Obama, be the change, mommy, voting, winter by Tanae' A. on February 14, 2008
I just want the entire world to read my story about why i COULD NOT vote just so that my man Barack knows that I was not just taking up space in the world when I had a clear chance to make a change… I was about ten minutes from home when my mommy called me to tell me that she was waiting for me so that we could go vote together. I was so super excited as I walked into my front door. Mommy was ready so I ran upstairs to slip on some jeans and then we were ready to go but I was distracted by my nephew so she decides to rush me. Here she is running for the exit and I TOLD HER IT WAS SLIPPERY OUTSIDE and what do you know she fell and busted her tail in that big ugly red coat of hers. At first I was scared…dear Jesus Mama done killed herself tryna make a change…but then she starts laughing. You shoulda seen her sliding down these steps cracking up like there was no tomorrow. So ten minutes later we get her up and we are on our way. The voting spot was just up the street from my house so we decided to walk, no use getting in the car when we can just get in some exercise. We are walking up this street and mommy is holding onto my arm for dear life, someone should teach her how to walk on ice. She is slippin and slidin everywhere [[and she had on boots so I dont know why she was slippin]] and the whole time I’m cracking up. So, this idiot [my mother] tells me that we are voting at the hall so we walk all the way over, she slips and almost falls again, and there is no one there. So we standing like a bunch of idiots in the street wondering where everyone is. I call Aunt Boone to ask her where we were voting at and she tells me that she told BooBoo the Fool that we were voting at the Middle School but she didnt want to hear it. So we walk in the OPPOSITE direction all the way to the middle school and we are almost there. And what do you know, this fool falls again right on her butt lolzz. Ok, maybe I shouldnt laugh at her but how do you fall three times just to go vote… funny thing is: SHE FELL IN THE GRASS…how that happens I will never know. So we go into this school and im cracking up laughing. Finally we make into the voting area and there is this camera there for ABC news and I told my mother DO NOT WALK WHERE THE CAMERA¬† IS but she grabs my arm and pulls me anyway talking about the camera aint on. Well how she know it aint on?? So, anyways, all these nice corny looking people are sitting at this table so we walk up super excited and thats when it happens. “Ma’am, when you registered to vote you failed to check Democrat or Republican, you didnt check a box so unfortunately you cannot vote today.” Okay uuummm…. “Well what DID I check off??” “You didnt check anything but you can fill out this form and vote next time.” Ok, can I smack you please?? What do you mean I cant vote. Do you not understand that I have been looking forward to this for forever and I cant vote?? I dont understand. Someone explain this mess to me. I want to vote today, right now. Obama is depending on my vote… OMG!! I cannot believe this. So I very angrily go to fill out this stupid stupid paper and I forced this man to give me a sticker saying I voted because it truely was not my fault that I could not vote and I think that a small minor thing like that should not keep me from voting. I think that is discrimination of the worst kind and I do not approve lol. So, Barack Obama, I am sorry that I could not vote for you on tuesday but I really wanted to and I hope that you understand that.
Oh, and four minutes after we walked past the camera I get a text message saying that someone saw me and mommy dearest on the news… how lame is that??
And for all of you praying people out there, pray for mommy’s booty cause it really hurts. Well actually, pray for her booty, hip, ankle and shoulder cause she hit all of it when she fell and now she limping around the house like somebody just beat up her whole right side lol.