when the best settles for the worst

Posted in decisions, life by Tanae' A. on February 12, 2008
All my life I have wanted the best for those that I care about. That means the best in all areas of life. When we do positive things, when we think positive thoughts, when we associate with positive people and follow positive examples then and only then will something positive come about. How can we expect something positive when we surround ourselves with negativity?? One thing that I have learned over and over again is that some people have to learn from their own mistakes. Some people only learn that the fire is hot after they are burned and thats a sad thing. Its sad to stand around and watch the people you love and care about walk right into the hell that they are trying to overcome. And what can I do besides play my role as an innocent by-standard? It hurts to see someone who deserves the best continuously settle for the worst. I wish for so much better for so many people but I guess they have to want it on their own. I take my hands off it and I’m giving it to God praying that these persons would have a change of attitude. Misery truely loves company and im finding that to be true. But what I dont understand is what’s so addicting about this drug that you crave?? What has you so hooked and what is luring you in? The devil shows up with a huge smile and a few broken promises and thats what you settle for? I have done all that I can do and now is the time for some people to start making decisions [[and mistakes]] for themselves.

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