uurrgghh liars!!!

Posted in lies, life by Tanae' A. on February 7, 2008
ok… I hate being lied to. You can do whatever you wanna do but lie to me and you are cut. I dont lie to you so dont lie to me…point. blank. period. Perhaps it’s the liars in my life that bring me so much stress. In my short twenty years of life I have lied to more people than I can count on one hand and I have seen the affect it has had on the people that I truely care about. Although I dont lie now, I know what a lie is. I can spot a lie before it even comes out ya mouth and as soon as I think somebody lying to me, im thru. That’s why i’m so floored right now. I knew before this person even called my phone on sunday that they were going to lie. And I knew that I would hear what they thought I wanted to hear instead of the truth. So I automatically answered my phone with attitude. I ate up the lies and waited to see if the truth would come out but of course it didnt, only more lies followed. By the time monday evening came I was laughing hysterically at this person for thinking that I am that naive. I had to let them know, I know when you’re lying so you might as well tell me the truth because when I find out where you really were thats gonna be all she wrote. But, the lies continue on. So today I was talking to some chick about it and all the truths starting pouring. Maybe this is karma coming back to kick my butt. Then its like, I feel like im being betrayed by a family member and if that is true at all I’m def going to flip on some seriousness. I dont understand why all this stuff is going on in my life but I know that whatever the reason is it better be damn good. I better come out of this mess ten times better than when I went cause if not me and God gonna have us some issues fa’real. I love Him dearly but is all this hell really necessary??

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