i dont think i can do this…

Posted in dancing, FOOD!!, health by Tanae' A. on February 4, 2008
i dont know who i think im fooling but this is no longer a joke. after dancing at two services yesterday and getting a good nights sleep…i woke up this morning with back pains, knee pains, neck pains…just all kinds of pains. pains so bad i had to catch the elevator instead of walking up the two flights of steps to my office. then i have to turn around and go to dance practice tonight… i dont think i can do this, like really. maybe im getting old or something but im tired. i walked two blocks today and was out of breath… something aint right.
somedays i feel like im dying…or somewhere close to it. my chest hurts more than it should. i dont breath too well most days. something inside is hurting but i dont know if its my kidney or what. im going to the doctors soon so i guess time will tell but i know that i am kinda not in good health. im drinking water and eating right from now on cause i cant stand the thought of not being healthy. so i guess that means no more carryout. no more pork from apple trees and def. no more mcdonalds and cheese steaks and fried chicken. i like my lil eff’d up life so i aint trying to go to glory no time soon, especially not from eating a lil too much grease in the morning. keep me in prayer cause i think im a lil too young to be having all these pains… and if you dont see me third sunday dancing like im posed to, that means i quit from exhaustion lolzz…

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