fatal attraction

Posted in him, life, men by Tanae' A. on February 4, 2008
Has there ever been that one person that you just want. You walk into a room and they’re the only person you see. Being around them is like so chill and you dont even care what else is going on. They can be across the room and you two look at each other and bust out laughing for no reason. There’s like this unspoken secret that no one else knows about except you two. We like each other but we must stand at this distance knowing that we are both wrong for feeling what we do but also knowing that in our minds it doesnt matter. Its nothing more than a fatal attraction. Something deadly and not to be messed with because in the end someone will be hurt. And besides, once we give in it wont be anything there. So we just keep this secret alive and between ourselves. He’s my fatal attraction…
The sad thing is that there’s not just one. There’s two fatal attractions. I think its just something about them. They are so much alike. Everyone thinks they’re quiet but they are really nothing but big clowns. They talk about their friends and do stupid things. They are always doing something stupid but they are the realest ever. They say some dumb stuff but when it comes down to it they can carry an intellectual conversation. And they have these smiles that light up a whole room and big ol noses perfect to talk about. Their laughs are almost identical and its crazy cause its nothing loud but more like this lil chuckle that comes from somewhere down in the bottom of their throat. They dress nothing alike but neither of them ever steps out without looking right. And the thing that kills me, the big shabang… when they put their hands in their pockets and lean against a wall ~ OMG!!! One of them does this thing where he’ll be talking and then he’ll stop and look at me and turn real quick so no one notices. Then he’ll bust out laughing cause we both know how ridiculous he looked. The other one will look at me out the corner of his eye, or he’ll sit behind someone and look at me from over their shoulder at me then make some funny face to have me laughing. Its crazy tho. Two good guys, one scarred by life and the other scarred by a chick. But, oh well. Such is life.
drowning in my fatal attraction

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