Tanae’ A.

Posted in AJB & AP, life, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on January 28, 2008
A lot of times I tend to forget some things that are quite crucial to my life. Some times I take so much time dwelling on the things that are not rather than the things that are and I was so guilty of that last week. I dont necessarily feel bad about that because sometimes we have to take time to re-evaluate but when we spent to much time focused on the negatives we miss out on the positives. I actually missed a whole week of time that I’ll never get back because I was so focused on one little issue that was holding me back from the people thatI love thee most. It wasn’t until saturday night that I really realized how much time I had wasted and so I did I quick change. I looked at the situation, learned from it and moved onto something better. By the time I went to sleep I was standing on good ground and I had ultimately figured out the lesson that was to be gained. Needless to say, it is Monday morning and I kinda feel a lil bad [physically] but I feel refresched and ready for the week ahead.
…um. am i the only one who did NOT see AJB & AP on the Celebration of Gospel?? And I was looking hard too… what happened??

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