u open ur eyes to see…

Posted in determination, life, school by Tanae' A. on January 25, 2008
my goofy silly nephew has a habit of walking around the house with his eyes closed. my guess is, he does it because he feels as tho he knows his surroundings well enough to manuver without looking at where he is going. it is not until he bumps into something or trips over something that he will open his eyes again. altho this is funny to me while he is doing it i was thinking yesterday that there is a lesson to be learned. how many of us walk around with our eyes closed thinking that we know everything around us?? how many of us go thru life blinded only to open our eyes when we trip up or run into a wall? well, i am tired of living life with my eyes closed because reality is, if i would only take time to look around i could save myself a bunch of skinned knees. truth of the matter is, i dont really know my way around. this week i have run into a lot of eye openers and i have learned a lot of lessons about people. but more than that i have learned a lot about me and how i handle situations. i have observed my reactions and have determined the negatives and positives about me. so im walking thru each day lookin life in the eye…
oh… and i applied to Sojourner-Douglass yesterday and i’ll be able to register in a few months for fall semester… YaY Me!!! im excited yall lolzz

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