Happy Thursday….

Posted in celebrations, events, weekend by Tanae' A. on January 24, 2008
Hey everyone!!! It’s is a wonderful Thursday and I think that I am getting sick [[sshhh dont tell anyone lol]] I usually hate thursdays but today is actually a good day. I am excited about the upcoming three days because they are going to be super fun.
Tomorrow night I am going to Fourth Friday Fundamentals to see my homeboy B.Morr perform. I am excited cause we’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Saturday will be spent with my Nana if she doesn’t have anything to do. I really wanna take her out for a day but I’m kinda broke so thats not an option. I guess we’ll have a movie day in the house which should be kinda fun. Sunday will be spent in church ALL DAY LONG and then I will rush home to watch the highly anticipated CELEBRATION OF GOSPEL… and incase you didnt know AJB & AP will be up in there again this year. You can hear more about that over at Heb’s spot
And for those of you that are interested in the status of my phone… it has been mailed and shipped and it is waiting patiently at my home for my arrival!! I now have my phone and I am looking forward to a great weekend and I am sooo super excited about it. Talk later homiezz!!

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