i need an upgrade…

Posted in phone, winter by Tanae' A. on January 17, 2008
…so a few months back i decided to join the t-mobile team because I was so tired of all the other booty phone companies. I signed up, paid the price and got this lil rinky dink phone to go along with it. dont get me wrong… i like t-mobile but this phone is killing me. I have decided, it is time for an upgrade. One problem… I am technically not allowed to upgrade until i have been with them for a year but who wants to wait that long?? Usually my brother in law will hook me up with a phone for cheap but he dont even have any right now. So the next best thing would be to go to the t-mobile store tomorrow after work to go and change my plan. There’s always a way around a rule and I have found it so prayerfully, by the time the weekend is over I will have a sidekick, bluetooth, or wing to show off. And if I dont get a wool upgrade than i guess… i’ll slap myself in the face lol.
I was going to go out today to get my wonderful phone but as you all can see it is snowing. and as most of you know, I HATE SNOW… but I am not going to complain, instead i am going to pray that the bus comes on time so that I dont have to stand for too long. Please Jesus Please!!!!

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