pissed…[[i hate dudes]]

Posted in fed-up, moving on, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on January 14, 2008

for some reason i seem to attract a lot of guys that just get on my damn nerves. most of them have something to offer but i just cant stand any of them so i dont deal with them. the problem is, however, that most of them insist on trying to be something more than friends and it just doesn’t work. it actually annoys me and pisses me off. i’m very up front with them too, i let them know from the jump that we are strictly friends and will be nothing more. thats why i was so pissed about 7.5 minutes ago when this dude txted me. he decides to ask me if we can hang out this weekend and since i dont have any plans i said yeah most likely that’ll flyy. i asked him wat he wanted to do and was pissed by his response. first off, i dont carry myself like no fast ass hoe because i aint nothing close to it and i def aint never gave this dude no reason at all to think that i would ever go there wit him. so i cursed him out in a very nice way but that dont change the fact that im pissed. but i think im so mad because he aint the first dude to try some off the way type stuff. guys will be guys and guys try but i aint the type to take too much trying. just last week some other dude was hanging out then gonna ask me if he can leave my house go see some chick and then come back around 2am to “watch a movie”… what the hell do i look like?? resolved:: im thru with these dudes. aint none of em bout shit so there aint no point in wasting my time tryna be nice and remain friends. i try to be cordial and hold a convo every once in a while but i can see that some guys just aint used to a classy chick lolzz. i know a few that mite be more their type…haha

[[im oh so 08]]~sorry 4 the language


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