i bet yall didn’t no i was married lolzz

Posted in freedom, marriage by Tanae' A. on January 9, 2008


i would like you all to meet my husband… Anthony. lolzz… okay okay, he’s not really my husband but there is actually a funny a story behind why i call him my hubby…

one day i was sitting at school and in walks him, his friends and my lil cousins. so we are sitting here in this lobby for like 2 hours and the whole time he is hitting me with these corny playa lines and i was cracking up. so in comes this dude that i was feeling at the time and he walks up to me to give me a hug and Anthony here grabs me and is like naw playa this here is my wifee lolzz. so ever since then we have been married and its really funny tho.

that was at least 2 years ago and now lil Anthony is all grown up and so that means that play hubby bout to get a upgrade lolzz… but just look at the pic one last time… we were truely meant to be [[and this is the closest that i will ever get to actually being married]] haha!!

dont mind me yall… im being retarded lolzz

signed:: his wifee


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