what the future holds…

Posted in be the change, decisions, determination, life, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on January 8, 2008

there are a few people in my life that often express their “concerns” when it comes to certain things. most times the concerns are school or poetry related but every once in a while someone will throw me for a loop. because i am who i am i usually outwardly dismiss their concerns but i do hold onto them internally [[if that makes any sense]]. needless to say, nothing that i do to better myself is ever to please anyone else but only so that i might gain from it. people have been telling me for over a year now that i need to go back to school but i have not gone because I was not ready to go back. plenty of people have asked me why all of a sudden i have stopped writing and when i am going to start back up again. people have told me time and time again that i should pick up a trade or do this or that. i have finally come to a point where i have decided that i am going to do things on my own time and in my own way and when i do decide to make choices as far as school, my writing, or any other thing in my life is concerned i am going to keep it to myself. of course, there are a few choice people that are going to know about my decisions but in order for me to do certain things i have to keep certain people out of the loop. i just want everyone to know that i have started making some “adjustments” and i am trying to get on [[and remain on]] the right track. we’ll see where this road leads me and prayerfully i’ll end up where i need to be. so keep praying and maybe sooner rather than later you “concerned” individuals will be well pleased. and those of you that have been priviledged enough to know of my future plans [[and there are only three of you outside of family]]… you should feel most honored lolzz!!

oh and for all of you N.O.R readers… there will be no poetry up for a while so give the page a break for a few months. I have posted quite a bit of surveys up but its nothing too interesting.

[[im oh so 08]]

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