words vs. actions

Posted in actions, words by Tanae' A. on January 4, 2008

yesterday i was talking to someone about nothing in particular and somehow our conversation kinda switched gears a lil. what started out as a simple conversation turned into a very interesting talk about actions. why do people do what they do?? why do people act  how they act?? why do people say what they say?? while engaged in this discussion i kinda stuck my foot in my mouth without even realizing. i began to tell her that i dont really listen to things that people say but instead i look at their actions. my reasons why could be simply because i have seen first hand how people’s actions contradict their words but that would be a half ass excuse.

i am a poet and a writer, therefore i know how to arrange words and make them sound “good” to the ear. i can write or talk my way out of any situation as long as i put my words together right. so, basically, i dont listen to things that people say because i know that it is very easy to talk a good talk. am i saying that everything that comes out of my mouth is bullshit?? lolzz, not by a long shot but… lets just say i can make anything with words sound good. if i want you to believe something or i want you to think something i can very simply form a few stanzas in my mind and feed them to you as a snack. not saying that my actions contradict my words because 9 times out of 10 they dont. i know that words are powerful and i also know that if used correctly words can manipulate the hell outta somebody so based on what i know about words i chose not to listen to what most people say and maybe that gives me an advantage especially with the fellas… lolzz.


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