no celebration for some…

Posted in death, faith, family, father, friends, prayer by Tanae' A. on January 3, 2008

for most people New Years Eve was a day of celebration. wherever you were you were most likely doing some type of celebrating. but for one family New Years Eve was not a celebration at all. yesterday i decided to hit up my lil cousins phone just to see how things were going. it was her first day back at school and she had been dealing with some stuff last week so i really wanted to make sure everything was straight on her end. when i finally talked to her she seemed like she was a lil down about something and she went on to tell me that her best friend’s dad was killed in a hit and run on New Years Eve. while she was in church praying her way into the new year, while others were partying their way into the new year… this girl [[Casey]] and her family were grieving. i suppose that their day probably started off good. they probably had plans to enjoy their night. they were probably looking forward to 2008 just like the rest of us but how do you wake up in a new year without your daddy there?? how do you say goodbye on the last day of the year?? i dont know [[Casey]]… never met her a day in my life but when i heard what happened i just felt compelled to pray. i had to let her know that as long as she kept trusting in God that she would be okay. I had to tell her that she has the best friends in the world to lean on for support but more than that i had to tell her that people that she didn’t even know were somewhere praying for her strength. i never thought that there would come a day when i would feel the urge to really pray for someone that i dont know but here i am praying for this gurl who has to go thru this right now.

[[Casey]] you and your family are in my prayers and like i told you yesterday, God will never put more on you than you can bear.

[[Sedria]] you are a great friend and i am so proud of you right now. continue to be strong for her and remember that prayer is the solution to everything. you know that you have people behind you and you can always turn to your family for support even when you feel like you are not strong enough to help her. keep trusting in Him.


R.I.P Mr. Brooks

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