a lil bit hurt…

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on January 2, 2008
it is the second day of this new year but to me it’s something like the 367th day of the previous year. ppl always say that we are supposed to leave the old stuff in the old year but some stuff we carry over anyway. some problems and issues dont go away as soon as the clock strikes 12. i dont really have problems but im beginning to realize that maybe i handled things a lil out of wack. im not thinkin that i did it wrong but i think i could have done some things differently. needless to say, today i rectified the situation and kinda undid and then redid what i was trying to do in the first place. i carried some ppl into 2008 that weren’t supposed to be here but at the end of the day i dont think i would be able to live with myself after completely cutting some people off. i can easily keep my distance, thats not hard but to sit and say that im never going to talk to you ever again is not really cool for me. i only did that wit JHW cause he’s a damn ass and there was no need for him to be in my life period. but coming into 08 i think that i know who needs to be kept at a distance and i have seperated myself from those people altho it wasn’t easy to do. so now i have to go from speaking to these ppl everyday to talkin to them once a month and that is hard already. but i am a lot happy cuz i have some ppl in my life in 08 that i never thought would be here. i got my TroyBoy and right now things are back off to a good start and i really think that i should actually give him a try this time. i always push him away for some dumb reason and everytime i do mommy be asking me why but this time i’m going to give things a chance. we’ll see what happens cause we all know that as long as mommy is around he’s going to be around lolzz.. [[i have no clue why my mother likes him but she loves her some Troy]] its sick really. she always be takin his side but that should tell me something cause mommy always knows whats right even when i dont think she does. so maybe i should take the advice that she has been giving me for the past year. i am still getting used to some people being out of my life but i guess that ill deal with it. i guess it just kinda always hurts to grow… change is uncomfortable but its bearable…

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