my letter to a friend…

Posted in decisions, determination, drama, friends, frustrations, Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on December 27, 2007
sometimes we do things that try to help other people but our actions come back to bite us. sometimes we walk away from certain situations regretting everything that has happened. sometimes people dont take time out to realize that your intentions were good, but instead they blame you for someone elses faults. am i responsible for everything that has happened over the past few weeks?? probably so. i can take that tho. i can accept the fact that all this has come from one simple conversation but i cant say that this is what i wanted. at the end of the day, i wanted to do something good but i guess my intentions have gone ignored. so from today on i am excusing myself from the situation. i just cant deal with the drama. you say that no one is to blame but yet you coming at me like this ish is my fault. really, i’ll take the blame. i’ll be held accountable for everything that has taken place and you can go on with ya fake story book romance but sooner or later the truth is going to bite you in the butt. truth is, there’s a good chance that i was out of line and so i apologize for that. there’s a good chance that i shouldn’t have spoke the truth when it was asked of me so i apologize for that. there’s a good chance that i should have just continued on with my good talk and encouragement because maybe then you guys would all be happy bout everything. so i’m sorry, really i am. im sorry for being real. im sorry for telling the truth. im sorry that the people you deal with are fake and you had to find out this way. im sorry that things caused problems for you. im sorry that some friendships are ruined. im sorry for not being this fake ass person who’s willing to smile in ya face and watch shiesty people walk over you. i know now that maybe in the future i should just keep my mouth shut because that would just make a better life for everyone. i know now that some people cant handle truth and would much rather live in ignorance as if deceit doesn’t have a face. i know now that some people dont appreciate or acknowledge when something was done to help them. so i’ll pack my shit and go. i’ll take all the havoc that i have caused and i’ll toss it out the window. i’ll walk away and allow you to go back to your blinded reality of what love really is. i dont blame you and i’m not mad at all, i’m just a lil bit frustrated with the way things turned out. i know that sometimes the truth is hard to swallow, i’ve been in your shoes plenty of times. so i wish only the best for you. i wish that you would give it your best shot and do what it takes to make things work the way they should. i wish that you would get what you deserve and thats nothing more than a smile on your face and happiness in your heart. but more than that, i hope that when you finally realize the truth it doesn’t hit you too hard. i have never regretting helping someone until now but it is what it is i guess. there’s nothing more that i can do or say to rectify the situation and so i’m doing the one thing that everyone would appreciate… im walking away. i cant undo whats been done nor can i change the past but i truely wish that you would have a great future… you deserve the best and maybe what you have is the best for you.