my brudder, my Dilly, my best friend && R0(k$t@R

Posted in family, friends, life, people I love by Tanae' A. on December 26, 2007

Yesterday, I realized [[not for the first time of course]] how much i absolutely love my brudder Dilly. We talk about each other and curse each other out all day long but he is like my life and i love him with everything I have in me. He is mybestfriend and I am his, he is there for me when I need him and I try to be the best for him.my-dilly.jpg 

Yesterday something happened that kinda threw him for a loop and I was the only person he called. I was pissed at the moment cause I was trying to sleep but now I realize the role that I play in his life. I am there to listen to all the crap that no one else will listen to. He’s there to listen to me nag and bitch about everything that even besties wont listen to and I love him to death for it. I need him in my life and I would give up my life for that lil boy and he knows it. He is the best dude in my life and I thank God for him every day that I am on the earth. No one could ever take his place and if I ever lost him I think I would just go absolutely crazy… LOVE U DILLY!! MUAH!


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