my brudder, my Dilly, my best friend && R0(k$t@R

Posted in family, friends, life, people I love by Tanae' A. on December 26, 2007

Yesterday, I realized [[not for the first time of course]] how much i absolutely love my brudder Dilly. We talk about each other and curse each other out all day long but he is like my life and i love him with everything I have in me. He is mybestfriend and I am his, he is there for me when I need him and I try to be the best for him.my-dilly.jpg 

Yesterday something happened that kinda threw him for a loop and I was the only person he called. I was pissed at the moment cause I was trying to sleep but now I realize the role that I play in his life. I am there to listen to all the crap that no one else will listen to. He’s there to listen to me nag and bitch about everything that even besties wont listen to and I love him to death for it. I need him in my life and I would give up my life for that lil boy and he knows it. He is the best dude in my life and I thank God for him every day that I am on the earth. No one could ever take his place and if I ever lost him I think I would just go absolutely crazy… LOVE U DILLY!! MUAH!


a CHRISTmas to remember

Posted in family by Tanae' A. on December 26, 2007
its the day after Christmas and i am happy to say that it was a great day. everything went according to plan accept the fact that i wasn’t able to go to church cause my fam didn’t leave my house til 11:30 and there was no way that i would have time to clean up behind them, shower and get dressed in 30 minutes. it was just not gonna happen. but anyways, i think i enjoyed being at my uncles house more than i thought i would. as always the food was on point and i was in it for seconds, thirds and a take home plate lol. my NaNa had so much fun watching all of my lil cousins act like fools in the living room and i engaged in a very intense hand of spades… [[me and Shay will gladly beat anyone who think they big enough to step to us lol]] by the time 8 rolled around we were all tired and ready to go. we hopped in the car to head home and then we all crashed. i was upset to have to come to work this morning but i know that we have pictures and memories and laughs to last us until this time next year. i just really thank God not only for His son that came to give us life but also for my sexy shamookie NanaBoo who brings joy unspeakable to our lives. all my cousins and aunts and uncles weren’t with us this year, some are in other states, some were with other family but whatever the reason is i want it to be known that i missed them all greatly and i also had fun with the cousins that i haven’t seen in forever. no matter what happens or where we go or what life throws at us… we will always be family and we will always have love strong enough to keep us all together.