a very merry Christmas

Posted in family by Tanae' A. on December 24, 2007

this year wasn’t like the years before. i was not in the Christmas spirit at all and i really didn’t want tomorrow to ever come but now i am just a little bit excited. my mother forced me to go shoppin this weekend so i purchased gifts for everyone and splurged a lil on myself. by the time saturday night came i was exhausted from the shoppin spree but i was still excited about the day we call Christmas. this evening i will go see my bestie and give her and chelly their gifts. tomorrow i will be priviledged to sit around with my closest family members at breakfast. they will come from their homes in their pajamas and cook up every breakfast thing that you could imagine. i will go to church and then go to my uncles house with the best family in america. we will laugh and eat and open gifts and fight over a grab bag and then we will go home and crash. unfortunately i have to back here at work bright and early on wednesday but thats okay i guess. i am still looking forward to spending time with my aunt uncles and cousins and more than anything i am looking forward to seeing a smile on my NaNa’s face all day long. this christmas is not about the gifts and presents. there is no real thing about exchanging names or making a big grab bag but its the jokes that we make and the pictures we take as we all open up nothing but gift cards. its the fighting and kicking that we do trying to grab the best things out of the grab bag. its the huge plates of food and sitting around with the cuzzos trying to figure out who made what. its the blessing that allows us to enjoy one another and forget about everything wrong. its our time to be a family that doesnt have problems or issues. its our day to forget that our grandmother is sick, its our day to remember irene, its our day to call everyone out of state and talk as if we really talk with them every week, its our time to be together as one. its our time to stand in a circle and say what we are so thankful for, its time to reflect on a gift given on this day, its time to build memories that will last an entire lifetime. this christmas is about God, love and family… so merry christmas to all..

i hope your days are blessed beyond abundance

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