some things have to change…

Posted in life's a game by Tanae' A. on December 20, 2007

this may be a bit angry but its okay cause right now im mad as hell but this is how i feel so…

I am really to the point now where I’m bout to say eff it all. Seems to me like shiesty chicks is always the ones to get to the top so I’m bout to roll with the best of em. Sure, I have always been a manipulator ~no lie~ I have used plenty of people to get what I want but the people that I have used dont feel an ounce of pain so it doesn’t matter. And besides that was the old Tanae’… now things have changed for the better. I guess thats a good thing but not in my book. Seems like once I start really changing for the better I get walked over like a damn boardwalk so I’m to take these suckers 4 a lil trip. The game has just changed… im on some new shyt. Every single dude and chick that trying to play me is going to get played. I’m gonna get what I want from them and then they can stand on the side looking in cause I’m tired of being the damn bench warmer…I got my head in the game. I know how to be shiesty and its really sad that I have to go to this extreme but I’m tired of being a pawn in their game. I’m gonna get them back ten times worst than they came at me and then we’ll see who really gets played. I wont play the dummy anymore so somethings just gosta change.

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