ok… i take it back

Posted in life by Tanae' A. on December 20, 2007

ok so sometimes i let my anger get the best of me && last nite was one of those times. i was pissed bout something and then to top it off someone tried to come at me incorrect so i had to put her in her place. i am not nor have i ever been [nor will i ever be] a shiesty chick… i just cant take that charge. you can call me anything you want but you def. cant call me shiesty… i was just a lil fed up last night. needless to say, as soon as i got over whatever i was pissed about, someone else came along and pissed me off even more but i just laughed at that. most times when things piss me off i do things like make all these plans to go off the deep end but im beginning to catch myself before i actually jump. i guess thats a part of growth too huh?? i am currently laughing at the post from last nite cause i dont know what i was thinking lol. anyways… even tho i am not taking the title of –>shiesty chick<– i am on my {NuNu} lol… time to make some changes when it comes to the ppl in my life. im so fed up with being walked on so im putting a stop to it all. if you dont know what i mean when i say im on my {NuNu} then you need to watch ATL… lol

im out

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