“assume the position”

Posted in G-D, life by Tanae' A. on December 17, 2007

For the past few days I have been stuck on the word “reposition”… I didn’t realize til last night that I was stuck on the WRONG word. I have come to notice over the past year that I have already began to reposition myself. I have started making transition in more ways than one but at the end of the day I want to be in the perfect position to do what it is that God requires of me. It just took me minute to see clearly that altho I have not fully assumed the position, I am well on my way. Everyday I think I get a lil closer to being where He wants me to be and so 2008 is not going to be about re-positioning myself. Instead its going to be about staying on the road that I am on. Its going to be about remaining focused on what it is that I am striving to do. 2008 is going to be about continuing to better myself as a person. Growth comes everyday that I wake up. Maturity comes with every experience and no matter what year we are in the goal that I have set for myself is going to remain the same cause nothing else really matters if I aint doing the Will of God first.

So I am here to let you all know that there is no resolution this year. There is no big hype about the new year because the path that I am on now is the same path that I am going to remain on. Of course, there will be some changes made. Of course there are minor things that I want to accomplish but my main goal is just to remain in the position that I am in right now. Right now I am still eager to better myself, I am still eager to be in the presence of God, I am still eager to help those around me, I am still eager to do major things in my peresonal life, I am still eager to go back to school, I am still eager to wake up to endless possibilities and therefore I am still in the perfect position. There is no big fuss about a new year cause my new day has already began…


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