“assume the position”

Posted in G-D, life by Tanae' A. on December 17, 2007

For the past few days I have been stuck on the word “reposition”… I didn’t realize til last night that I was stuck on the WRONG word. I have come to notice over the past year that I have already began to reposition myself. I have started making transition in more ways than one but at the end of the day┬áI want to be in the perfect position to do what it is that God requires of me. It just took me minute to see clearly that altho I have not fully assumed the position, I am well on my way. Everyday I think I get a lil closer to being where He wants me to be and so 2008 is not going to be about re-positioning myself. Instead its going to be about staying on the road that I am on. Its going to be about remaining focused on what it is that I am striving to do. 2008 is going to be about continuing to better myself as a person. Growth comes everyday that I wake up. Maturity comes with every experience and no matter what year we are in the goal that I have set for myself is going to remain the same cause nothing else really matters if I aint doing the Will of God first.

So I am here to let you all know that there is no resolution this year. There is no big hype about the new year because the path that I am on now is the same path that I am going to remain on. Of course, there will be some changes made. Of course there are minor things that I want to accomplish but my main goal is just to remain in the position that I am in right now. Right now I am still eager to better myself, I am still eager to be in the presence of God, I am still eager to help those around me, I am still eager to do major things in my peresonal life, I am still eager to go back to school, I am still eager to wake up to endless possibilities and therefore I am still in the perfect position. There is no big fuss about a new year cause my new day has already began…

sometimes helping a friend is the wrong thing to do

Posted in acceptance, drama, friends, hurt, life, love, people I love, relationships, right vs. wrong by Tanae' A. on December 17, 2007

Needless to say…there is more drama in my life but I plan for it to be over with slam soon as I hit publish at the bottom of my screen. My drama is wrapped all around love. Not my love of course, I’ve dealt with that enough… but someone elses love. It seems to me that when you have a friend that is head over heels in love with someone there is no telling them anything. But what do you do when anything is the something that will tear them apart in the end? Well, I have a friend like that and I told him the truth about what was going on. Did he want to know?? No. Did he need to know?? Yeah… he did. I remember one day I was sitting in my kitchen with my brother and sister and my brother told me that my honey had crossed that line… I didn’t wanna hear. But you know what, if I wouldn’t have heard it from him, I would have heard from somewhere else or from somewhere else and that would have been harder to deal with. When you love someone, you dont want to hear anything bad about that person. You want to think that you know them down to a t and when you find out something that they failed to tell you… it really hurts like hell. Of course, we would all like for those we love to air out their dirty laundry before we hear it from someone else who has nothing to do with it but who do you hear it from when the one you love wont tell you?? Do you just stay in the dark about it or do you hear it from someone who cares and deal with it.

I cant say I feel bad about what I said. His chick is shadey and granted me and her are cool but when it comes down to it he was getting played. She was being shiesty and hopefully they can talk it out, put it behind them and move on with their relationship but if they dont then I refuse to feel bad about that. I do feel bad that he’s as hurt as he is. He’s a good guy and he finally found love and he deserves to be happy but does that happiness have to come with a blind fold?? I dont know…

They say ignorance is bliss and maybe thats true…