in the perfect position to pray

Posted in frustrations, life, prayer, Uncategorized, when everything goes wrong, work by Tanae' A. on December 13, 2007

I was always told that when you get to your lowest point you have no where to go but up. That may be true, but I have learned to take complete advantage of being at my lowest point. You see, when you are at your lowest, you are either laid out because you have given up or you are on your knees trying to somehow get back on your feet. You are either laying prostrate or you are bowing down to Him but no matter what position you find yourself in you are in the perfect position to pray.

Right now, I am a mixture of hurt and angry but I think [well actually I know] that I am more angry than anything. Really, I’m pissed and here’s why. There was a certain someone that I wanted to help. I helped this person, gave them my last and some more but its funny how people treat you. Dont sit in my face and call me fake or anything like it cause I am the realest person that you know so you cant really sit and act like I aint real. Fake is when your words contradict your actions and if I fell into the phony category I would admit it but I am real. I tell it how it is no matter what it is. I dont say I am going to do something and then not do it and I aint never lied bout jack shit so dont step to me like you stupid. Then to top it all off you have the nerve to try and give me the boot… haha!! Okay you funny. But when I erase ya number out of my phone and keep on going like it aint nothing then you wanna come at me with all these apologies… UURRGGGHHH!!! I HATE SOME PEOPLE!! Hate is a very strong word so sorry bout that but I truely dislike the way some people act and carry themselves. I aint staying around just to have anyone act all wishy washy with me. Either you in or you out but make up your mind cause I do not have the time nor the patience for young games.

If you really wanna piss me off… come at me wit a bullcrap apology after you very rudely kick me to the curb and then get mad when I turn you down and keep walking. And if you wanna really really really wanna piss me off… come at me wrong on the day of my Christmas party WHEN I DONT HAVE ANY ALCOHOL IN MY SYSTEM YET!!

Well, other than the minor issues, today was a good day. I enjoyed my Christmas party, got some wonderful gifts, ate some great food, and took some fun pictures with some great people so I am happier than happy and my day is somewhat complete!!