back like the two step!! LoL!!

Posted in life by Tanae' A. on December 12, 2007

Hello All!!

Well, I am back and well refreshed well actually, truthfully, im hella stressed but I cant live without my blog so…

Everything is everything. Some things are good and some things are going to get better but no matter what I know damn well I have no room to complain. [i’ll apologize for the profanity early… I am in a bit of a cursing mood today] These past few weeks have been hard but some days were easy. Maybe because I have some wonderful people that help me thru. I dont know. I know that right now there’s a lot on my mind and a lot of decisions that I have to make but I am feeling pretty confident in myself. God is trying to prepare me for something and I have been wrestling with it for quite some time now and oh how bad I want to share it but now is not the time. He is pushing me to do some things in order to help someone else and in order to do what he is asking of me I have to put myself on the back burner. This is usually easy for me to do but for once I am concerned about my feelings and I wanna make sure that I am okay at the end of the day. So I guess this just means that I need to have a lil more FAITH in him to know that as long as I’m doing what He asks of me I will be okay.

I think I always have this  lil thing where I seem to question God. Not even really question Him because I know that what He wants is always whats best but I question the effect that His plan is going to have on me. I am trying to  figure out what will happen if I do what I’m supposed to do and I think that Hes trying to show me bits and pieces of the finished product but in order to see what lies ahead I have to  keep moving in the direction that he wants me to go.

HaHa! that just reminded me of a while back I was talking to my favoritest mentor HebHeb bout something [i dont remember what] but his idea of advice was two simple words…KEEP MOVING!! no matter what I said he just kept sayin those words and that day I honestly could’ve smacked him in his throat but a lil later on down the line I appreciated what he said. And I think that just now that same advice just smacked ME in the throat lol!!

So really… no matter what happens… there are no more stand stills in life cause everytime I stand still I’m losing time that I’ll never get back so I might as well just KEEP MOVING and keep believing that God is going to take me in the direction that I need to go. Thanks HebHeb… your advice from a year ago just got me thru today…

Talk to you guys later… keep praying 4 this chick!!