Let It Snow, Let It Snow —> F THE SNOW!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on December 5, 2007

this morning on my way to work I noticed little white flurries coming from the sky. you know, its really amusing how it flutters around before actually hitting the ground. but the thing that really pisses me off the most is that when i saw the snow… i smiled. not because i was happy about it or excited that snow actually came to meet us this year but i was actually quite amused that even the snow has a way of reminding me of HOW I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY HATE LIFE RIGHT NOW!!! i am convinced that the snow has only come to add to my misery and really just throw me over the edge but i am trying my hardest to ignore it. i dont want snow… i dont want christmas… i dont want a new year… i dont even want a new day so someone please tell me what is the effin point of being mad when there are so many things to be mad about?? whether i like it or not the snow is falling, christmas is coming and a new year is on its way so i might as well smile my lil fake ass sarcastic smile and get over it. and you really wanna know the funny part… i was actually happy yesterday. i was trying to make this christmas mean something but it turns out its just going to be another day on my calendar… but aside from all that i was actually taking time to see the good in things. i was laughing with my sisters and spending time with my TroyBoy and i was smiling at the little things… but this morning when i wake up the evil frickin witch from the west or wherever the hell she comes from decides to start some shit so what do ya know… my day is effed up. because we all know that when one thing goes wrong EVERYTHING goes wrong and today since i woke up about 500 things have gone wrong. i am going to church tonight… i dont even know what advent is but im still going because right now i need to be in any church that has its doors open… uurrggghhh…

well since it is snowing might as well give me a good 3 feet so i can be out of work and find a damn hill to slide down… [&& i said that with all sarcasm]]


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