Thanksgiving Blues

Posted in events, family, frustrations, people I love by Tanae' A. on November 21, 2007

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and I am not excited at all. I will wake up at the crack of dawn to clean up the house before everyone gets there. I’ll get dressed and go to church and then come back to probably do more cleaning and rearranging of furniture so that everyone can have somewhere to sit. We’ll wait patiently for guests to arrive and then the headache will start. Kids will be running around, I will be called upon to go to everyone’s car and helpdrag their food and bags into the kitchen. Then I will have to monitor all the kids, make sure they dont mess up nothing, destroy nothing and of course they must put their plates and cups in the trash. But, usually, I dont mind that. Usually, I’ll take it for what it is and roll with it because after all, this is my family and this is the only time of the year [besides Christmas] that we all get to be together. But this year, I am not excited at all. I feel like my family is slowly drifting apart and we only get together because thats what we’re supposed to do. Just like with everything else. We have Sunday dinner because we’re supposed to, but what happens now that my Nana cant cook?? Do we just ignore it all?? We have these dinners every daggone Thanksgiving and Christmas but to me, it has never ever been about the food. It was always about spending time with my family. Being around everyone at once and just enjoying their company. What is there to enjoy now?? Most of my family is spread half way across the world and the other ones that are close, I barely even talk to so what is the point. Why do we get together so habitually when no one really looks forward to it? Why do we care about this big dinner and all this food when there is so much going on? Maybe I’m just tripin, maybe I should be happy because I never see these people. Maybe I should look forward to it because I’ll laugh and enjoy it and have fun but as soon as 7:00 creeps up everyone will be gone. And I wont see them til Christmas and then after that never again until next year or until something big happens in the family. So excuse me if I’m not hyped up about this phony lil family gathering and forgive me for speaking the truth but I’m really not caring about this. I’m just not in the mood for another Thanksgiving Dinner… maybe because all it is is a dinner.