a lloonngg day

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on November 19, 2007

It is only 11:15 and I am already know that its going to be a super long day. For some odd reason I felt the cold to be comforting this morning. Maybe because it wasn’t that bad. I dont know. Right now, there is a lot going thru my head. A lot of people in my mind and a lot of decisions that I have to figure out for myself. My honey will be home in two days and I wish that I didn’t know. I dont know why his brother insists on telling my everytime he is going to be in Baltimore. For some reason, this time around, I have no desire to talk to him or be around him or even see him. I know that he’s okay and thats all that really concerns me so the rest of it doesn’t even matter. I have moved on to something better or should I say someone better. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. I am so excited because its going to be an extra long weekend coming up. On Wednesday night I get to go spend time with my baby and Thursday will be spent in the company of all my family. I am so happy because my aunt and uncle are coming down and I haven’t seen either of them in a very long time because they moved to Chicago. And I am also happy because I get to go to the movies on Thursday to watch ‘This Christmas’… now thats hawt!!

And I am so thankful that I am getting paid soon!!! LoL!! I AM SO BROKE THIS WEEK!!! I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND!! HaHaHa!! Maybe someone should have been handing out 20’s for my birthday cause this ish is ridiculous!! I mean… it’s so bad. LoL! I have to take this frickin adapter back to WalMart cause it doesn’t work in my computer and thats like $40 in my pocket so I’m happy about that. Now I can get to work for the next two days and go to the movies on Thursday…now thats a blessing!!

Okay… so I’m a lil tired of typing so I hope that you all have a good day. I wont post again until tomorrow unless something comes up. Talk later.

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