the best birthday ever…

Around 11:30 pm on Friday night we were in the house with a bunch of people. Playing monopoly and card games and dancing to some music just having a blast. So, me and the besties decide to crowd in the bathroom and sit on the floor and just talk. We talked for about 20 minutes and by the time we got up my booty was hurting like you would not believe but that didn’t even matter. We just sat there [emotional of course LoL] and talked about all the tests that our friendship has overcome. We talked about how we were there for each other from day one. Thru everything that life thru at us we had each other and without each other we wouldn’t be here today. Jazzy talked and talked and talked!! LoL!! She sat there and told Ashley so many wonderful things bout me that I have never even heard her say and at that moment I felt like I was the luckiest person in the whole world. There I was, sharing my birthdy with the three most important girls in my life and it was so worth it. I no longer wanted to go out anywhere and I didn’t have to do anything special because I wouldn’t have wanted to be with anyone else doing anything else. I had so much fun just sitting in the living room dancing with scarves and walking down by the pier and looking at the stars on the water… its getting up at 8am to go to breakfast and 5 people sitting in one of those photo things in the mall that cost $3 too much money. Its the people that make this life easy that made this birthday the best that it could ever be. I thank God for each of them..Shink Jazzy and my LeyLey…they are my world.


thru all the b.s…

Posted in besties, birthdays, blessings, friends by Tanae' A. on November 18, 2007

On Friday I was pissed… like really mad. Only because Ashley decided to tell me she was going to go out with some friends for the whole weekend. And the thing that really pissed me off is that she was talking to me all day long telling me all this stuff bout being over somebody else house, laying in their beds and all this other boody mess. So of course, I was pissed. But, when I got off the bus, walked the long three blocks to my front door and went inside… guess who was sitting on my couch?? My LeyLey!! I was sooo happy. And at that point, all the things that pissed me off didn’t even matter anymore because I got a chance to be with her the whole weekend and I was so happy bout it. And I just want to state that no matter how much we argue and fight and disagree about the simple things… she’s still me baby and I just feel some sorta way when I’m with her [[LoL!! insider]] She made my weekend complete and I am so thankful for her. Now, she is slightly upset because things today seemed to work against her but its okay… they’ll work themselves out. The best gift that I got for my birthday this year was my baby and my besties… thats really all that matters in this world right now cause without them… im nothing.