not a good night…not a good morning

Posted in complaining, drama, fighting, friends, frustrations, issues by Tanae' A. on November 14, 2007

so…im pissed. yesterday I spent the whole day getting the rest of my hair done and I swear to God that by the time I got up I was so friggin tired I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was sitting on the couch then Ashley pissed me off something serious so i hopped in the shower and got straight in the bed. her and shink really pissed me off tho cause they wanted to be up for 3 hours talking and laughing and being all loud like they had to sense… maybe they forgot that i have a job that i am required to go to… or maybe they just didn’t care. but whatever the case, it really frustrated me because i was already mad. then… at like 12:30 ashley wants to come in my room and wake me up out of my good sleep so that she can talk. someone tell me what the hell there is to talk about at 12:30 am when i have to wake up in 6 hours… i really just dont understand. but, to avoid another dumb argument i got up and talked and talked and talked and talked for 500 years ABOUT NOTHING!! granted… the first 20 minutes was relevant but the 4 hours after that was just dumb as hell. but the good thing is, in those hours that we sat up talking about nothing at all i somehow misplaced my attitude so i wasn’t mad. around 4 she rolled over to go to sleep but i was just wide awake for some reason. so i sat there for an hour and a half just watching her sleep and then i finally fell asleep and was forced to wake up at 7 this morning. although it was early and i was tired as hell, i was still happy. I woke up to a great morning…but of course something just has to steal my joy. tell me why this chick had an attitude… what for?? i have no effin clue. mind you, i just was woke up out of my sleep FOR HER to have a conversation WITH HER and then i sat up and couldn’t get back to sleep BECAUSE OF HER and she wants to wake up with the attitude… what is wrong with this world?? then this chickenhead gonna start talking some off the wall type stuff bout me like she really know me like that to make up her own lil assumptions about me. come on now, dont play yaself. so i really had to go off on her and then this big argument started and then out the blue she decides to apologize. well, shit, i wanna still be mad. she on my phone all giggly and laughing like its just a wonderful day and i really just want to smack her in her eye for saying some of the dumb stuff that she says. so now, i am sleepy, irritated, my head hurts, its raining and to top it all off… i have a frickin attitude with this chick. and the sad thing is that i was really planning on having a good day. see thats why i cant be around ppl for too long cause they start to piss me off… but maybe its true what they say:: its better to be pissed off then pissed on.

oh, and how bout after all that she gonna have the nerve to ask me if I can do her hair today… what the h do i look like?? really.

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