refreshed && ready 2 go

Posted in besties, birthdays, blessings, friends, good times, people I love, weekend by Tanae' A. on November 9, 2007

So after work the only thing on my mind was a nap. I planned to chill out in my room all day cause I really did not feel like dealing with anyone. But of course, things never go the way I plan!! So I’m on the bus, about 15 minutes rom home and my phone rings. So its my Shink telling me that she’s going to Jazzy’s to hang out. So I’m happy cause now I can actually really get some sleep cause the house will be quiet but then my bestie calls me. So now I know that all my plans are def. flushed because of course she will convince me to hang out too. Ten minutes later I go in the house and rush to put some jeans on cause Nico was already waiting. So we go to Jazzy’s for some pizza and a very interesting game of spades.

What do you know?? After about 2 minutes of being with the people I love the most I felt tons better. I had a smile on my face and I was ready to face the world head on. Sometimes in this life all we need is a lil reminder that nothing is as bad as it seems. Here I am tired and drained with everything. I didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere or see anyone but being there just laughing over a game of spades is what makes things so much better. Its the people in my life that help me thru this life and I thank God for them so much. Now today I am so ready for the weekend ahead. I’m not doing anything really cause next weekend I’ll be out for my birthday. But I think tonight I’ll go to the movies and tomorrow I’m going to the mall to SHOP!!! YaY!! Monday I have to get my hair done because we cant have it looking rough on my birthday!! LoL!!

Oh, and another good thing happened today. Well, I was really upset because I am turning 20 and I am no longer a teenager but a security guard at my job said I looked like I was 16!! Some people might take that bad but if I cant be 16 again, I’ll settle for at least looking 16. And that just made my day!!! LoL!!