Posted in tired by Tanae' A. on November 8, 2007

i think i have come to a point where i am just drained. from everything really. im just tired of the everyday. it sucks really…to be drained physically, emotionally, spiritually…just everything. i try to stay upbeat even in the midst of everything that is going on right now in my life but for some reason i’m just not feeling it. im tired. i am drained from life and i really just want a 20 hour nap and wake up completely refreshed…

its not to often that i really just get tired. not upset or mad or angry or hurt or scared or frustrated… im just tired. i’ve put a stop to all the emotional nonsense that is usually going on because i just dont have enough energy to try to figure this shit out anymore. i haven’t even attempted to pray the past few days because i am tired of waiting on reponses from God. i’m tired of having to make decisions about this and that. tired of being this person who has all these concerns and worries that only prove that i am human just like everyone else. really, i just wanna have a few days where i can just not give a damn. i haven’t been to see my Nana in two days and i probably wont go up there for a few more days. im tired of everything. im just plain old drained and maybe this weekend will revive me but either way it doesn’t matter.

bottom line… im just drained.. tired and drained.

Lawd… not another birthday

Posted in beauty, birthdays, celebrations, complaining, get ya mind right, help me!!, issues, life, pain by Tanae' A. on November 8, 2007

In exactly seven days I will be celebrating my birthday. YaY me!! NOT!! On Nov. 1st I was a lil bit excited. Actually, the whole first week of Nov. I was excited, but now, I could care less. I think the entire incident with my NanaBoo kinda threw a lil hex in my excitement. But anyways, I am going to get excited very soon so that I can actually have a good weekend. But I am not looking forward to the day AFTER my birthday… why?? BECAUSE I’LL BE TWENTY!! I feel like every year I just keep getting older and older and its like I am finally not a teenager anymore and it’s depressing!! LoL!! I dont want to reach twenty, you can keep ya 21 party and please prolong 25 for as long as possible…i want to remain a teenager!! I dont really have a problem with growing up I just have a problem with getting old. I mean, I be having back aches, pains in my knees… my legs be falling asleep. By the time I hit 30 I’ll be frickin gray with atheritis all up and down my bones… I’m not ready for that yet. I gosta keep it young and on point. I mean, I do have a few good genes in the fam cause God knows my NanaBoo look good for 76 but I aint trying to be bent over backwards with cramps and muscle aches!! I wanna be 56 and still looking and FEELING great. Maybe I’m thinking too ahead of time but when I see 20 my mind thinks 50… cause thats how fast its gonna come. So I think I’ll start trying to take care of myself now so I wont have to pay later. Maybe if I start trying to eat healthy and exercise more than I wont have so many problems in ten maybe fifteen years.

Let’s pray that I can keep up cause I am the QUEEN on unhealthy!! LoL!!