giving back to the one that gave to me

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I have some good news and some bad news… well good news comes first and the bad news is not really that bad.

Good news is… my Nana will be getting out of the hospital on the 27th. Yes, that is a long way away but at least she is making enough daily progress to know when she can be released. And there is a possibility that she would be able to get outĀ for a day so that she can come and have thansgiving dinner with the family. I am excited about that.

Bad news:: Most likely she wont be able to live by herself. Everything really depends on how much progress she makes in the next few weeks. There are not too many options as far as living arrangements are concerned but I have decided that if things dont work out the way we hope they do I’ll step up to the plate. Someone made a suggestion that we put her in a nursing home but I know my Nana && there aint no way in hell she going for that. She likes her independence and even if she aint fully independent she want to act like she independent. So in the past hour I have completely made up my mind that I would graciously move into her house and stay there with her. I was thinking after I said it out loud that I just put my foot in my mouth but then I started really thinking about it. After everything that my Nana has done for me I think that I owe her to do something like this. It would be a big move and a huge adjustment but I would be able to do it if I had to.

I just feel like that’s the least I can do ya know… just pray bout it fa’real.

crawl before you walk

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hey guys…

so I just got back from the hospital and I am soo happy to be home. I am even more excited because my NanaBoo is making progress. She sat up today all day long!! She even walked a lil with the help of her nurses and she talkin better and using her right hand a little. She still has a long way to go but she is doing much better and now I finally see some light at the end of this tunnel… thank you to all those that were there to encourage me when I was down. I really appreciate you guys and the support that you give. [[you know who you are]]