[[i am who i am]]

Posted in acceptance, decisions, differences, family, friends, frustrations, help me!!, life by Tanae' A. on November 2, 2007


what the h is ACCEPTANCE and why is it so important to people?? See the five letters above?? Well, thats me. I’m TANAE’ the one and only. But who really am I?? And if you really knew who I was, would you accept me?? A lot of times we go thru everyday making it seem like we really dont care about what people think of us but I know for a fact that is not true. We care what people think of us, we may not care what the whole word thinks but there is still that need to have someone accept you for who you are. I am not the type to need the approval of outside people, I could care less what they think but I need the approval of my family and friends. Thats what I strive for and a lot of times I do it without even realizing it. In the back of my mind I’m always thinkin about what my mother or grandmother or sisters will think about this decision or that one. I always wanna make sure that my besties accept and get along with every new person that I meet and I do it without even thinkin about it. There has not been one person that I have talked to that has not met my bestie.. they may never meet my mother or Indi or anyone else but they will meet Jazzy and Shink. Reality is, I want them to accept me… for me. Last night my bestie said something to me that let me know that no matter what she still got my back. No matter what decision I make or how things turn out she still loves me just the same. Now, only if I can know that I can get that same courtesy out of my mom and the rest of my family… well really just my mom and NaNa cause they are the only two I really care about like that. I wonder. I dont know. Right now I am just confused and I am dealing with a lot right now and I am trying to figure everything out but I dont know how this will end. I dont know what is going on in my heart and in my head… I just dont know.

Ya gurl is confused.

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