Rest In Peace Ms. Sarah

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I remember it almost like it was yesterday. It was hot outside but I still walked across that road to get to this house. To this day, I do not remember what I was going to get but I know that whatever it was, I had to wait for it. I knocked on the screen door and peeked inside to see if anyone was there. Then she came, with this great big smile and her lovely voice, she told me to come in and sit down in the big chair. Because the big chair was for guests. We sat there for at least 15 minutes not talking about anything in particular. I liked this lady, she was sweet and sincere and genuine. She had love in her eyes and she still had a sway in her lil walk. The house smelled fresh, like she had just cleaned but it wasn’t the least bit stuffy. She got up from her chair, went into the kitchen and got whatever it was that I went there for. She handed it to me with a smile on her face and just like my grandmother would do, she held my hand as I walked to the door. She stood there, I walked across the street and half way across the parking lot and she was still there with that smile on her face. I turned around and waved at her and she yelled out the door… “you better come back and see me, ya hear”

She had the kindest heart in america. I remember so many times after that, I would walk by that door and she would yell out, telling me to put on my coat or zippen up my jacket, or be careful crossing that road. Ms. Sarah will always be remembered. She will always be loved and her smile is one that I will never forget. I know that she is in heaven smiling down and right now I wish that she would just hold Vicky-T and comfort her through this.

My prayers are with their entire family, I know that this is a hard time for them.

Rest In Peace Ms. Sarah… I know you’re with God up in heaven

scooda & squirt

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well, ever since Tray & Von were born me & Shink were practically taking care of them. I remember them being at our house like every weekend or we were at theres. They are my heart but now they are big lil boys and I have are memories. Tray was  always the fat one. He used to cry and scream and yell at the top of his lungs. I remember when he used to lay on his stomach and get mad cause he couldn’t crawl. He would always eat my oatmeal inventions no matter hiw nasty they were LoL. Now, Squirt, is my bad lil mojo. He was crawling first. he’s the crazy one, always jumping off chairs and flipin down steps and doing something stupid. He is the fighter of the two, always ready to hit some one. His laugh and cry are exactly the same and his voice is the squeekiest in america. These boys will always hold a special place in my heart cause ever since they were babies, I helped to take care of them. They may not remember it today but I will remember it forever. And I know that every time I see them and they jump on me that a piece of my lil heart melts for them and there’s nothing better than a day with my Scooda and Squirt.

January 4th 2004 I fell in love with two lil boys: TrayVon Amaih and DeVon Machi… they are my heart and my joy and no one can take their place no matter how old they get.