a tough tuesday

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on October 30, 2007

So, yesterday I was sick and so I went home early from work and crashed. I got up to eat and that was it. I really wanted to go into work this morning but I just could not get up and what do you know. By the time 12:30 hit I was feeling better and bored out of my mind. So I decided to get up finally and get something to eat and then i watched Why Did I Get Married?… It’s funny because every time I watch this movie it has the same effect on me as it did the very first time. I know every great part and every funny line and every secret that was disclosed around the table and yet this movie still does something to me…

Well, now I feel tons better and I cant wait to go to work tomorrow morning but what do I do with the rest of my day?? I’m sitting here doing nothing and I am extremely dehydrated but no one has bought kool-aid to drink.

and by the way… I am loving the fact that I can now blog from home… lovely!!