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Posted in thoughts by Tanae' A. on October 26, 2007

I was doing a good job yesterday, I kept my attitude all day long even after I got home. I made it my business not to say anything to my mother at all and she made it easy cause she was busy working. Then it happened, at exactly 8:51 pm she called me to her room. So I sit on the bed and we have this really nice conversation and I walked away no longer mad at her, instead, I was mad at me for not being able to stay mad at her!! LoL!! But anyways… I take back everything I said about her in yesterdays post and even tho I was mad I kinda knew I didn’t mean anything I said. I heart that lady!

Oh, and people’s, I am so super excited because I get to hook up my internet this weekend and it has been a long time coming!! Now I can blog from home because God knows I hate having to wait til I get to work to post everything. So… I am completely thankful right now!!

Guy problems:: [[sigh]] okay, I met my friend Smurph a while ago and he’s really nice and he has a lot going for hisself BUT… i am not good with meeting people. I am not good with new people and I would much rather stick with the people that I know. I dont like being around new people and I dont like people expecting too much out of me and maybe thats why I have a problem with him. I like him from a distance, I can talk to him all day and laugh and joke but the second he comes around I am ready for him to go back to where he came from. He always drops lil hints that he wanna be with me but… uummm I have told him like 700 times, thats not an option. Sorry, he’s just so not my type. He calls it joking but every joke hides a truth so he needs to go somewhere. Maybe I just need to try to meet new people a lot more so that I can get used to it. Who knows… maybe I should just stick with the people that I know and love, yeah, thats an option.

Sunday is choir day and I am so super excited about it. They was on point sunday so yall know I cant wait to see them rock!! I hope a lot of people come out to support them, I know it takes a lot to sound like that and let me tell you…to say they sound good would be such an understatement… they must’ve got some divine intervention that was floating somewhere between their mouths and my ears cause I cant think of anything in this world that would have them sounding that good… Sang Choir!! LoL!!


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