muh Go0n!3 4 lyfe!!

Posted in friends, girls night, good times, Jessa, Luvli Ladiez, people I love, weekend by Tanae' A. on October 24, 2007

LoL!! What can be said about Jessa?? She is mean and retarded and stubborn and crazy and I love her!! She is my chica 4 life and the hard ass of them all. She is who she is and there is no changing her. She is always there on those boring friday nights and she is my picture provider!! LoL!! She is always there to share in a good laugh or give that retarded laugh that pisses me off. She is always up for a good game of 5000 or spades and she always beats me! She is the trash talker of the year and the retard of the century. I love her because she is always there. She gets on my nerves half the time and she’s a lil weird but I love her for ever. She is my chick, my dogg, my luvli ladi, my goonie and my homegirl and without her our weekends would not be the same.

She makes our circle complete.


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